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Stop Gutter Overflows
Supa Gutter Pumper

Supa Gutter Pumper

- a journey with water -

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Gutter Pumper STOPS gutter overflows
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With advanced syphonic drainage that can drain through a 20mm PVC pipe at 60 litres per minute. This is equivalent to a steady 90mm of rain per hour falling on 40 sq metres of roof.
1 mm of rain on 1 square metre = 1 litre.

Diverts to storm water or a tank
For homes, garages, carports, sheds and commercial buildings

The solution to your
overflowing gutters

$8.00 flat rate postage
(Australia wide)

Supa Gutter Pumper provides high flow overflow protection during heavy rain events.

The anti-vortex baffle stops a vortex spiralling air down the vertical drop, allowing the pipe to flow full of water. Full flow generates head pressure that increases the flow rate by up to 1,000%.


The initial vertical drop must generate the velocity required to prime the second vertical drop to supercharge the flow rate.

For more details, see the SYPHONIC page.

SUPA GUTTER PUMPER can also be used to harvest rainwater.


Supplements downpipes during intense rain. It is not a replacement for downpipes, nor will it prevent overflows caused by blockages

Supa Gutter Pumper can prevent most overflows

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