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Q. Why are there 2 versions of the Gutter Pumper?

A. The original Gutter Pumper (Hi-Flow) was based on the syphonic outlets used in the Supadiverta and has the same 2 vertical uprights supporting the baffle. This design had some potential customers questioning whether the large aperture could result in debris being trapped. Whilst Aquatrek did not have any blockage problems during prototyping or field testing, it was later decided to redesign the baffle support to incorporate a cage made of multiple vertical uprights to allay any user apprehension. Both versions are in wide spread use, neither suffer blockage issues and the Hi-Flow moves 8% more water when primed.

Gutter Pumper Hi-Flow
8% higher flow rate than standard Gutter Pumper
Gutter Pumper
Quieter in operation
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