Gutter overflows about 4-5 metres from the downpipe - Gutter Pumper

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Q. We have a gutter that overflows about 4 - 5 metres from the downpipe. Two plumbers have said we need a bigger downpipe but one said that we should also have a rainhead fitted in the downpipe to drain the water even faster. Would fitting a Gutter Pumper be better?

A. If the existing downpipe and pop are inadequate, the water will overflow at the downpipe. Because your gutter overflows away from the downpipe, there is little chance that fitting a bigger downpipe and pop will solve the problem. Gutters overflowing near a high point are common and fitting a Gutter Pumper near the high point attacks the problem at its source.
Rainheads need to be fitted to the gutter and not in the downpipe if they are to improve the drainage. We also see larger downpipes fitted to their original pops. This does not improve drainage as drainage is determined by pop size, no matter how large the downpipe is.

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