Frequently Asked Questions - Gutter Pumper

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What is the Gutter Pumper made of?

How hard is it to fit a Gutter Pumper?

Where are Gutter Pumpers mainly used?

Is any maintenance required?

Why can’t l fit a Gutter Pumper next to a downpipe ?

Can leaves block the Gutter Pumper ?

We have a gutter that overflows about 4-5 metres from the downpipe. Two plumbers have said we need a bigger downpipe but one said that we should also have a rainhead fitted in the downpipe to drain the water even faster. Would fitting a Gutter Pumper be better ?

Our house has gutters that pool water. We understand the regulations state that gutters must slope towards the downpipes but the builder has said that the gutters were installed correctly and are compliant. What can we do ?

Our downpipes are fitted at the end of the walls and the gutters overflow halfway between the downpipes during heavy rain. The builder has told us the gutters are compliant but others have told us the Building Code of Australia (BCA) requires downpipes to be no more than 12 metres apart.
Is this correct?

Our new home has two downpipes six metres either side of a roof valley. The gutter slots
overflow during heavy rain but the builder has told us that the gutters are compliant. It is worst at
the valley. The area is now concreted and fitting another downpipe would be expensive and
unsightly. Would a Gutter Pumper stop the overflows?

We live in QLD and our gutters always overflow. Can Gutter Pumper cope with heavy QLD downpours ?

Can we use Gutter Pumper to harvest rainwater as well as stopping overflows ?

Will my steel gutters rust if I drill holes in them ?

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