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Q. Can leaves block the Gutter Pumper?

A. Gutter Pumper should be fitted at the gutter’s high point as required by the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and as stated in our fitting instructions.
Most overflows occur near a gutter’s high point as explained at GUTTERS OVERFLOW.
Unless there is a heavy build up of debris, leaves wash from the high point during heavy rain prior to the Gutter Pumper generating a vacuum.
Gutter Pumper generates a vacuum only after water rises above the anti vortex baffle, a minimum water depth of 20mm. Prior to this, Gutter Pumper drains slowly by gravity weir flow and this only commences once the water level is approximately 5 mm deep. For a small leaf to enter the outlet during weir flow, the leaf would need to do a 90 degree turn against the flow. Small leaves sucked into the Gutter Pumper during full flow are quickly dispersed.
Gutter Pumper operates with vacuum breaks whenever the water level drops below the baffle. When the vacuum stops, Gutter Pumper resumes weir flow and the water, being turbulent due to the heavy rain, swiftly flows past, flushing debris along the way.
When fitting Gutter Pumper near a roof valley or if accumulated debris is a problem, AQUATREK recommends that a suitable leaf barrier is fitted.

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